Personal Branding

Personal Branding

People want to see the human behind the brand. We all love those behind the scene videos because we can connect with it on a human level. Why do big brands hire influencers? Have you ever thought that? Influencers have built a fan following who love and trust them.

When a celebrity launches his/ her product or service, it gets famous within seconds, isn’t it? Have you ever thought, why? Because they have a huge influence on people.



You can build a company brand with the help of a personal brand. There are a lot of examples in front of us. Who comes to your mind when I say Tesla or Apple? Brands like these have also used Personal Branding and storytelling to develop trust and liking.


Methods of building a personal brand are:

 Blogging: The blog is like planting a tree. You don’t see instant results. With consistent work only, you will get the results.

Content on Youtube: It is a great platform to build a personal brand. Be consistent and share value. Choose a niche, make videos around it. Keep upgrading yourself and the quality of the video, do whatever is needed to scale It and it will start growing.

Publish a book: Start with an E-Book. Write an ebook around the topic where you have good grip and mastery. It’s a way to enhance your branding.

Instagram: You can start your branding journey from Instagram. Social media is open for all. You don’t need to pay anything to be on social media. If you want to scale quickly, you can always invest some money to help your brand reach more people.

Public Speaking: Participate in Meet Ups, grab public speaking opportunities. Let people know you by representing yourself in front of the huge crowd. This is the ancient way of influencing and building a personal brand.

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