Personal branding tips for job seekers

Personal branding tips for job seekers


Personal branding is the inevitable branding tool for the people nowadays. 

What is personal branding ?

Personal branding tips is the conscious and intentional effort to create and influence public perception of an individual by positioning them as an authority in their industry, elevating their credibility, and differentiating themselves from the competition, to advance their career, circle of influence, and have a larger impact. It is the positioning of marketing concepts

 Finding the uniqueness and building a reputation is the key personal branding formula and  process.   The ultimate  goal is to create and convey a message of uniqueness  and that can be monetized.

 The most significant step to developing our personal brand strategy is determining what our brand represents. Our core values are the heart of your brand. It is the foundation for all of our communication strategies. Ask a few questions. What motivates us to get up in the morning and tackle the day? Why are we unique? What are we passionate about?

When we begin to answer these questions, our personal brand will take shape. Once we have discovered our core values, we can easily draft our personal branding formula. Our vision statement will serve as our guiding light and will keep us to continue our search and promote yourself.

 Personal branding tips for your job opportunities.

There are several personal branding strategies and tips to build a personal brand for your job opportunities. But the personal branding formula works not in one day. Its like planting and growing a tree it will take time to reach ultimate goal. We can go through some important personal branding tips for job opportunities. Personal brand is much more than followers and likes we get it’s about our believes and stand for.

1,Specific Goal

Before investing an effort in personal branding we should have a clear goal. We get it through asking some questions

Is it finding a new job in your area? Is it getting a promotion in your company or office? Is it helps to generate business or  income for your company ?

After getting the clear cut idea about the goal you should select the media for your personal branding. The professional networking site LinkedIn is the best platform for your personal branding .

2,Niche selection

This is related to personal brand goal setting. It’s about choosing a niche and succeeding in it to such a great extent that people associate you with that niche. The 100%  personal branding formula workouts through the proper niche selection. Niche may be related to passion, strengths, interested subjects, job opportunities and trending topics etc. If we are good at writing, start writing on digital and non digital medium, if we have excellent photography skills, post our pictures on Instagram, if we have got great culinary skills, launch a YouTube channel and  can opt for all the mediums. The point here is how we portray our best self before the world is a personal branding strategy. 

3,Unique value proposition

If our value is not unique, it means we are offering the same value as the others. In business, the value proposition is what makes the customer want to buy a product. Therefore, marketers should think of the value proposition of their products and communicate the same to the customer. This is why before we add that item to the cart, first read the product description to determine whether it best meets your needs. We should determine the requirements of the recruiter or employer. We also have to determine our competitive differentiation. Therefore, we need to give a serious thought to what our best prospect needs and try as much as possible to meet the expectation

4,Brand Voice

A definite brand voice is the core of  personal branding strategy. How to create a definite brand voice? It’s through unique content and theme .our content and theme  of the message should be same across all platforms and social medias. Different social media platforms cater  to different forms of content and various audience. The simple point here is to keep the messaging same throughout all your social media channels. That is the key of personal brand.

5,Dedicated Content marketing strategy

Based on our personal branding strategy, design a content marketing strategy that helps us to pursue our goals. Our goal can vary from bringing more traffic to our website to finding our dream job.

Develop content that pushes  towards our goal. Like, if it is bringing more traffic to our site then post good short enticing content along with CATT formula.

If it is getting our dream job, then present our best version to our audience showcasing our achievements via great content . We can also give a glimpse of expertise to  writing blogs, creating video contents, posting it on various mediums.


6,Have a strong social media presence

The showing forms of  Personal branding is the presence of social media. When we want to build an online brand, we should have accounts on all major social media platforms.  An excellent social media presence on all the channels via posting good content and engaging with your audience. Posting consistent and regular content with a similar theme on all your social media platforms is the best and genuine  tips for personal branding.

When we are really looking for  branding or marketing,  good content is the centerpiece of our personal branding strategy. When we post good content, not only will people like to read and engage with it but it will rise through the search ranks of Google as well.

7, Updating Profiles

Keep our profile updated. We should update our profile with the latest information. It can be content,images,videos,website,email address or phone no etc. What ever updates we had should be changed  in all our social media.


Establish our own website or blog to showcase our own expertise in a particular  or niche area. Create our own content is the key formula of personal branding. The targeted industry based  relevant information is the key pillars of Personal branding.

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