Marketing Funnel

Marketing Funnel-C.A.T.T


Content ,Attention,Trust,Transaction Content

If we want to get one’s attention we would use high-quality content.. Without good quality content, people won’t pay attention to the product display.The creativity of content is important to grasp the attention of the audience.





We should understand the requirements of the audience and create content – to help them, without expecting anything in return. With a genuine interest in helping people, not expecting a transaction in return. For the attention we can use social media,Online media,Internet,blogging,Interview ,TED show etc




We should leverage the high-quality attention, to build trust. Social proofing,Testimonial,Personal Branding & Interviews will give the Trust




After leveraging the trust we can request our customers to do a transaction with us. And then you are going to explain how your product/service is going to help your customer.

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